Olivia Pope in White
We adore Olivia Pope. Here she is, looking pensive, on Scandal.

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So I went out drinking Saturday night, got a liltte drunk and several people offered me ecstasy, I'm not in to that type of thing as it makes me paranoid but I swear somebody must have slipped me a liltte as I started seeing spies everywhere. There are corporate spies around as Alaska's resources are being battled in our legislature heavily right now but I got really paranoid.When I got home went to post a comment and decided to change my name as it seems there may be another Sam out there. I got a message saying my post was being reviewed. I freaked out and thought I had been blacklisted, Started to believe the Max and Stacey spy shit and really freaked out. When I awoke this song really fit my mood.After that I watched Burn After Reading and remembered I had changed my name in my drunken stupor. I changed it back and I was once again able to text. I laughed at myself a liltte but the night scarred me a liltte and so I brought home a bodyguard/chauffeur/cook. I feel much better now as I can hear him snoring in the next room and my apartment is much cleaner.I also came up with some new ideas on how to fund my organic estate near Glacier Bay and a new contract for my ecologically minded gold panning crew. Thanks for a wild ride Max and Stacey, I will be buying a black hoodie and shirt. Would love a neon green one with Max's comments caricature and maybe some hand made Max and Stacey gold coins.



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