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Looking great, Olivia Munn! The actress came out for the NYC premiere of Contagion, dressed like this.

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musicminds247May 28, 2011 People that are complaining about the price, lrleay haven't done their research. For example, this week at HH Gregg you can get THIS TV, a 46 Samsung 3D LED, with a Samsung 3D Blu-Ray Player, 2 pairs of glasses, a WiFi connector for the TV, and all 4 Shrek movies on Blu-Ray 3D for only $1419! Now that's a lot of dough but put into perspective of state of the art electronics, that's a STEAL!

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Olivia Munn best known for serving as the hot host Attack of the Show, a series on G4. She has also spent time as a columnist for... More »
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