Oksana Grigorieva in Lingerie
Why would Mel Gibson cheat on his wife? This photograph of his lover, Oksana Grigorieva, should give you an idea ... even if she is not actually in lingerie. That photo we have removed.

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    Carolyn, you are RIGHT ON and mirror my same thoughts!!! YOUNGER WOMEN TO AN OLDER MAN IS JUST AN PREYING MANTIS!!!! SHE IS NOTHING TO FEEL SORRY FOR, BUT FOR SOME REASON I DO FOR MEL! OOPS! Sorry had caps on. He is NOT an UGLY old man...But anger faces and feelings do effect your looks! He has a right to see the child! The mother is using the child as it will benefit her! She is a GOLD DIGGER! Hollywood is a cesspool of Filth, adultery and illegitimate children (whom I feel sorry for).

    A WIFE,Mother and love to be Nana
    but until they are Married first!


    Oksana, as well all Russian women are not only nice and attractively, but also intelligently! OK, that Mel has a lot of money, but he is to old, unattractive and crud, and earns those
    affectionate woman not! A lot of Hollywood star want to come along such beauties only to profile. Some readers write badly
    about Oksana, only because they are envious.




    She looks like a whore alright, but she is actually an excellent classical pianist trained in the Ukraine and Russia. I agree that Mel seems to be losing it, but this woman is not exactly a innocent. She was married four times by the age of 29 before she hooked up with Gibson and then set out to exploit his wealth by having his love child. Given the sad state of the Russian economy there are sadly a whole class of attractive Russian and East European women more than happy to sell themselves sexually and get into sham relationships with anyone that has money.


    Mel called her all types of names, told her to blow him and in the same sentence said he will burn the house down with her in it after she's done. He pulled a gun in her face and admits to knocking out her teeth. He stopped paying support for his baby daughter. The guy is a total sleaze bag who should rot in prison.

    He is a grown man who did stick his dick somewhere. She is the mother of his kid. The least he should do is pay her off and keep it private. It's not like he would eat a sandwich less because of taken his responsibility.
    In my book this guy is dead meat. I will never spend a dime on anything with his name on it.


    She looks like a Las Vegas whore who can't play the piano! I don't love her anymore, I don't trust her anymore, and I sure as hell don't need her anymore! I'd like to give her another good poke tho...


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