Ogling Hayden
Hayden Panettiere admires her chest. We can't really blame her for a little self-ogling really.

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samantha, so your telling me no one has had a kid at 20 years old, and that everyones parents waited till they were 40ish like yours did?


I think they're the cutest couple ever. I think Hayden has great choice in men. And I bet the guy who commented above me, "Adam", is just jealous. "This guy is old enough to be your brother/parent", wtf does that mean...I'm the same age as Hayden (20 years old) and my brother is 18 and my parents are near 60 years old....so, Adam, I don't know what the heck you're talking about


Wrong, Wrong, & Wrong. I understand the need for older men, but C'Mon. The guy is 33. I repeat THE GUY IS THIR-TY-THREE. Its one thing if their in their mid 20s but I mean, C'Mon. This guy is old enough to be your brother/parent. Please Move on from this. I mean, you see how long your relationship with the other 2 lasted. I tell this 1 won't even come close. You need to ditch him, just like Steve Perry Ditched Journey. HA


i so love this bitch i want to party with her she seems like so much fun

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Hayden and Wladimir
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