Odd Rihanna Pic
This Rihanna pic was posted online May 8, 2009. There are other pics that are reportedly of her nude. It's weird.

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It really dosent matter IF these photos are self taken or not. This looks like "personal" photos meant for ummmm maybe her 'boyfriend'. I agree that this has that scumbag Chris Brown written all over it. REMEMBER he is the one that beat the shit out of her then first tried to deny it, avoid talking about it, blame it on Rhianna, THEN DENY HE EVEN REMEMBERED IT (Larry King show). He even came out with that 'Public Apology' (clearly written by his lawyer and FAKE)and didn't even tell Rihanna about it (look it up). He clearly has no integrity and is only thinking about himself and his career. If he can SMEAR Rihanna in any way Im sure he will, because Im sure he still blames her for the whole incident anyway, people like this usually never blame themselves.


Okay, can you say Britney Spears? This chick is going loco. Personally, I think that she is so guilt ridden over starting the situation between herself and chris brown--which lead to him being arrested--that she is acting out. Come on these pics are self taken. Those saying chris brown posted the pics are idiots. I think he has truely gone his own way and rihanna is falling apart. The girl is acting out and if someone doesn't act fast to intervene we are going to see Britney take two. When will people learn that beautiful people rarely see themselves as beautiful and usually are self destructive?


DCM! Hang ho con nay ngon the, the nay ma duoc ay cai thi chac anh cung chet danh long....

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