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Octomom Nadya Suleman is a champion. Not just of celebrity boxing, but of life.

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The Octomom Nadya Suleman

The Octomom Nadya Suleman is a woman who needs no introduction. She is who she is.

Octomom, Close Up

Octomom scares the crap out of us. She was charged with welfare fraud in early 2014.

Mom of Octo

Nadya Suleman is the Octomom. She's a mother of 14, and possibly a welfare fraud committer.

Oc-to! Oc-to!

Octomom is a mess. Not a hot mess. Just a mess.

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I have a lot of free time on my hands now that I'm on home arrest. I'd like to do a show too. I want to do a kids show. I love those kids with all my heart and fondling fingers. We could have lots of fun. Come on over to Uncle Jerry's!


Before anyone compliments her on her mothering, they need to see recent videos of the almost 3 year old octuplets. The poor babies still do not speak, they are blank-faced zombies, they shuffle around with little animation or emotion. What did she do to them? And she's giving parenting advice? My guess is that she wants eight more disability checks so she purposely retarded their development by neglecting them. I know she's mentally ill but I'm completely saddened that she worked her evil on the octuplets. The older children were cared for by Natalie's mother and they are somewhat normal. The babies, not so lucky. Stuck with hourly workers paid to change diapers, nurturing not an option since their real mother doesn't care about anyone but herself. If you want advice ask her what she did and then do exactly the opposite.


Just because she can birth 'em doesn't mean she can give them a "quality life". Just watch her videos over the past year!


HA HA HA, hilarious!!!!


WTF? Just sit down and be quiet, it will all be better when you get sober.


Please do your research before posting these type of "gossip" articles. Nadya's life is a train wreck, so I wouldn't qualify her status as a "Champion of life." These boxing gigs are set up and require no talent in the field. Nadya's personal/family life is shadowed by many lies, half truths, and misconceptions. To take a picture and think of a witty caption is foolish.


Who wrote this garbage? A champion of life? More like an abberration.Why do you insist on giving her any face time? What a joke. Really pathetic stuff here. Obviously you haven't followed the real details of her stunts.