Octomom, Family
Nadya Suleman and her family go to the beach. Yeah.

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so beautiful pix


Wow one grape each!


Oh, and by the way, the pictures are for pay. Who do you think Pacific Coast News is? Otherwise the babies would still be locked in their bedroom at home. Do you understand?


Truly the saddest children. Don't act anything like normal children. How could you do this to your children Natalie? All the children I know are happy, giggling, full of energy. Hers are blank faced zombies. They will be three next week and they don't talk yet. They aren't potty trained either. Big dumpy diapers times eight.


Once again the kids aren't smiling and food is used as a prop. Why are all the kids hair the same? Buzz cuts .. doesn't she have some girls? They all look like they came from a refugee camp. Sad picture

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