Nude for PETA
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Joanna Krupa can't stop taking off her clothes for PETA. In this case, she's apparently also honoring Jesus with her naked body.

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she is hot


dear dog breeder, If there is such a shortage of stray dogs, as you say, how do you explain the staggering number of stray dogs that are put down every year? in PETA's shelters too - do you suggest they 'import' stray dogs so they can put them down? some people adjust the fact to their own point of view and interest. I suggest you wake up.


shelter dogs are always spayed and neutered, so of course they want you to adopt and not buy a purebred. in time, there will be no purebred dogs left to breed. No sporting dogs to feed families, no working dogs to holistically raise livestock (even some vegans eat eggs and milk), no terriers to rid buildings of vermin. So many gorgeous breeds that we grew up with are endangered because of the anti-pet owning (you are a guardian, which means they are no longer your private property) purebred overpopulation is a myth. many shelters around the country are importing strays from other countries to feed the demand, since small home based breeders can't afford to continue since animal rights activists like PETA have guilted the american public into denying themselves a purebred dog. (which if purchased from an ethical breeder comes with written guarantees and a lifetime take back policy)
Offensive ad, makes me want to go breed my purebreds right now.


And just how did they get all those feathers??? What poor birds had to die so that PETA could have them?


Nice posters, Wonder if these people know PETA 'shelters' kill more animals than any other? And want rid of ALL ANIMALS (wonder if that includes Humans?


realy guys? STOP WITH THE NAKED ADS ALREADY! Always Naked.Never Dressed