Nothing Beats Lambert Fans!
Adam Lambert's fans showed up in full force to show their love. With all these fans it's a wonder he didn't take first!

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I feel the fraud was the blame.Not Idol per say. However they should have been more vote fire walls. I think America did love Adam and was in awh of his talents. I think at some point the Kris's camp did cheat and Danny's camp fliped towards kris. Not because they (Danny's camp) thought he was the best/ rather to seek revenge on Adam.
Hello Danny! Adam never told u to squeal out that sick note.
America has stood up for what we wanted all along.


What do you mean "with all these fans, no wonder he didn't take first?" Is that an insult? I'm also his fan and many of us over here is. The results is nonsense, made especially so by the fraud votes. We do not acknowledge that as we will only acknowledge ADAM'S TALENT. And if America prefers a laid back idol, let America be laid back while the rest of the world advance and change. OUr artistes over here are always changing and entertaining, but all pales to ADAM LAMBERT. He will outshine in World Idol even.

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Adam Lambert was a contestant on the eighth season of American Idol. He made it to the final two on the show, only to lose out to Kris... More »
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