Not Too Sad
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It's not surprising that Tila Tequila is posing for a photographer. But keep in mind: this is days after her fiancee, Casey Johnson, died.

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Troubled Tila Tequila

Casey Johnson who?!? Tila Tequila doesn't seem too broken up about her fiancee's death, just days after it took place, in this photo.

Always Posing

In the wake of her fiancee's death, you might find it shocking that Tila Tequila is posing this way. But that would just mean you don't know Tila Tequila.

(Don't) Leave

Note to Tila Tequila: if you want the paparazzi to leave you alone, just go inside your house.

Attention Grabber

Don't look too broken up, Tila Tequila. The vixen is seen here, just a week after fiancee Casey Johnson passed away.

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