North West Photo?
It's NOT little North West! Kris Jenner holds a baby in this talk show promo pic, but it's not of her grandchild.

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I have a feeling that Kayne is holding the financial cards, and the control. I am concerned when I see this inequality in any away your power as a woman is the worst thing you can do for your child. Caught between family and a boyfriend is a bad place to be.
If you are used to doing as you are told in a family, you are set up to be with a control freak who can seriously affect self worth if things get ugly. Additionally your daughter becomes a witness to this, which affects her self worth. SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO BE A STRONG MOTHER, for your child's sake.


Y'all need to stop, if you can't see the baby 's face how do we know it's her. You did that before and showed picture of Kim's Baby picture's of Kim not her baby.

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