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Noah Cyrus is 10 years old. Still, her parents had no problem with her dressing this way for Halloween.

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Stop making fun. This makes me want to cry. It's just a little girl who's fallen under the wrong influence - the influence of people like you, in ways your brains are far too small to imagine. Poor little girl. The second picture makes me want to cry.


That little girl is crazy!


Cute little skank.


Are you kiddig me. This little girl is only nine years old and she is allowed to dress like this. This is a terrible thing. I mean yeah sure its a hallowen costume but come on a nine year old girl shouldnt be allowed to wear something like that at all.

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Noah Cyrus is the younger sister of Miley Cyrus. She clearly wants to follow in the famous footsteps of her siblings, as Noah has starred... More »
Nashville, Tennessee
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Noah Lindsey Cyrus