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Nicole Polizzi, a.k.a. Snooki. What a sight to behold.

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the way she has the habit of pursing her lips like that make it look like she has a mustache.


this is wat she should looik like!!!
but she looks cute eighter way...


Her eyes look much better without all of that makeup on...however, she could definitely use plastic surgery on her nose and mouth (lips looks deformed or something...) maybe some lypo
lol, previous comment: "less is more, snickers!" true, true


She looks gorgeous and much more innocent without it.
I prefer this look way better than her overly dark eyes and contacts(if they are which im guessing they are). Less is more snickers!

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Snooki Polizzi
Nicole Polizzi is a cast member on MTV's Jersey Shore. She fake-tans and acts like a bit of a skank. Then again that sums up the whole... More »
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