New Year's Show
Adam Lambert performed in Hollywood on New Year's Eve. The crowd, as you might expect, ate it up.

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Watched this concert on-line thanks to Utube. Best, wish it was televised. I watch everything available on Adam, love his music, love HIM. He makes me happy, he caused me to give up talk radio and listen to him. Of course, it has to be my FYE CD because he doesn't get much play yet (unfortunately) I'm patient he is here for the LONG HAUL. Waiting for the day he reaches complete STARDOM. Thank You ADAM.


I can't help it, even to older ladies like me, this guy is smokin hot, and talented as hell to boot! I just love him to pieces because he brings so much joy, and a whole new perspective to performing. Adam Lambert, keep doing your thing because I'm tired of the same old boring entertainment!

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New Year's Eve Performance
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