New Shore, Same Crazy
The cast of Jersey Shore has been sued for assault. Like, collectively. You gotta love when these guidos and guidettes get together.

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that's so a waste of time and money...even though these young people are completely out of control and continue to make themselves look stupid everytime they open thier mouths, the show is 100% protected from wantabe's looking to cash in. I mean come on, a little attendition and these 8 losers will do anything. Showing that they can hook up with anyone is really just showing what a bunch of users & losers. If I were a parent of one of these kids I would dis-own them in a flash. They're behavior is nothing but whorish. Not one of them has any respect for themselves or anyone else. Sad that you give them a few bucks and they become idiots, total losers. They make "Us" who are from the old country look bad. WE DO NOT ACT LIKE THAT! WE ARE VERY CLOSE AND RESPECT OUR FAMILIES AND WE DO NOT DIS-RESPECT OTHERS!...THEY ARE ARE WANTABES AND NOT EVEN ITALIANS!

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