New Oregon Football Uniforms
Oregon's football uniforms always get people talking. And making fun of Nike.

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why do female sptenrirs' tight uniforms show so much more skin than male sptenrirs' tight uniforms? Men don't have to bikini wax in order that they don't get negative attention in their tight uniforms, but women do. Same goes for gymnastics, where tight uniforms are also genuinely a performance advantage. It's not just about tightness, especially in sports where loose clothing would be a problem.And you're overlooking the vast array of sports where the men wear loose, comfortable outfits and the women wear tight, revealing outfits even though they are playing the same/similar sports. See field hockey and basketball/netball.Young girls see that elite women in sport are expected to look good in sexbot outfits on the playing field (it's not enough to just be strong and/or fast enough, you have to be flawlessly buffed as well). This turns young girls off participating. This is a problem.

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