New Look for Miley Cyrus
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Rock on, yo! Miley Cyrus posted this photo to Twitter not long after chopping off a lot of her hair.

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Miley Cyrus at Home

Miley Cyrus might wanna clean her house up a bit. It's looking a tad dirty in this Twitter photo.

Miley and Her Dog

Miley Cyrus Tweeted this photo to her millions of followers. She likes to take them into her home.

Miley Cyrus Hair Photo

It's another Miley Cyrus Twitter photo. The star has taken to that social network to show off her new, very short hairstyle.

Miley Cyrus Twitter Photo

Miley Cyrus is going a bit crazy on Twitter these days. What do you think of this exotic outfit?

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She looks drunk or on something on just about every pic posted of her. I dont what she's trying to prove or why she feels the need to prove something to the world. If thats what her aim is..shes doing such a hoe-rific job doing it. Ud think she'd keep it together with a lil class mixed up with a lil sexiness to get it right. Instead she decides on letting her nasty, freaky side hang all out, including that ridiculous tongue that she lets hang out like she just got off Forest Gumps short bus. Way to represent urself Miley. YOUR DOING IT ALL WRONG MISS CLASSLESS INDEPENDENT LOST ONE


Seriously... Can you Get any more ridiculous than this??? She looks bad as a blonde, she looks totally gross with this lame haircut.


fucking ugly


the most ugly picture