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Yes. This is Debbie Rowe. She has not been heard from in awhile, but that's by choice. She likes to lay low on her horse farm.

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debbie i love your horses and glad to hear you lost pounds and becreful our daughter lose and was anoxic and we cought her just in time.took two yrs to help her and i went through hell.its so hard to know wish pictures were michael because of the look alike.then there were signs if you really watched.i dont think he went through all those face chances,i think the camera or makeup.because michael showed us all the differnet people he could chance into.he was with you an the motorcycle that was great.i wished i meet him when i was in my late 20's i think we could of made it. again take care and god bless. maureen


Yep....she's just as nice as she is she can keep up her great desire of losing that extra bulk she has added in her darkest days Congrads on the 10 pounds lost so far!...remember MJ got too thin and had many costly make overs. Debbie your mirror has been the love you gave your will make a great mom to those three beautiful go to court, you get those kids, and all will be happy as time passes...The rest will get over the will take time....but God will help mend that family and friends also! I want you well happy and content...Sorry about MJ ...he was one of my top three and I saw him being swept away for many years....he payed out plenty for his errors...but paying you was the best money he ever spent!!!! And ....BLESS YOUR HEART for the offer to help him. The money....was chump change....we know that.....from .... THE DEBBIE ROWE ...FAN CLUB!!!!!!!!!....And a early...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!! and tons more!

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