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Negus Sealy is seen here with Rihanna in Barbados. What will these two crazy kids be up to next?

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Too crazy about u. U are beautiful. I wish I get hold of ur love and treat u real good. Love u, Rihanna.


uh….well, i suggest that rihana should make another choice bcos dat guy called christ brown is ungrateful with what God has gave to him, even i will say is better rihana come to me bcos i will treat her like a queen bcos she is one of the angels on earth. Rihana i love you and am crazy about all u does. please i beg u with all i have and all i am, if possible, i will say u should come to me.


She doesn't look pleasant in the pic... Not one pic show them holding hands... It shows him grabbing her wrist... Not trying to start anything, just making a simple observation.


Cute ^__^