N Sync Reunion Photo
N SYNC reunites at the MTV Video Music Awards 2013. Here's an action packed GIF!

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Eddie:Bah! I watch videos that are ten munites all the time! In fact, sometimes I get mad when I can't find things longer than that! I hate catering to the A.D.D. crowd!I am also pretty sure that everyone here would eat up a ten minute Eddie F. show like it was half a cupcake.... they'd only want more.RIGHT, GANG? Besides, if you're worried about the length, do what a lot of these shows do on YouTube: do it in two minute segments. Five two minute segments per episode is not bad.I'm sorry. I just think you'd be the best show on the internet, and I'm feeling a bit anxious to see what you and Nico could pull off.Plus, I betcha a thousand bucks that after a few shows you could get sponsors. I'm tellin' ya.- trevor.

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