Muppets Twilight Poster: Kermit
Kermit the Frog stars in this Twilight-themed poster for The Muppets. He's a vamphibian.

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I feel like I have seen this way way way back in the day, beuscae it rings a bit of a bell (and not in a Gift of the Magi kind of way, beuscae of course). I don't have netflix. I'm wondering if it's going to show on tv sometime this year. Any idea?Speaking of Steve Martin, that reminds me of one of my favorites from him that makes me laugh every single time. I forget what it's called now, beuscae I haven't heard it in forever, but it goes something like, If I had one wish this Christmas . . . I'll have to go look it up to see about once again experiencing the joy of Steve Martin back when he was hysterical!


wow cool

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