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Montana Fishburne is a porn actress and the daughter of Laurence Fishburne. As you can imagine, he's not thrilled with this development.

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Montana Fishburne Playboy Picture

Montana Fishburne posed for Playboy. Or auditioned to. It was just a test shot ... fortunately, they passed and she found her fame and fortune via porn.

Montana Fishburne Topless

This is Montana Fishburne, topless and auditioning for Playboy. It didn't make the cut at the time ... although we have a hunch the magazine might reconsider now.

Montana Fishburne Booty

Montana Fishburne's badonkadonk is on display here on the cover of As Is magazine. Which apparently exists, and features Montana Fishburne on it.

Chippie D

This is Montana Fishburne, a.k.a. Chippy D, a.k.a. Chippie D. She's a porn star now but this is a shot from some random music video.

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if that was my daughter i would give that pornstar dude,an azz whoopin,then get my daughter out the country.its too much negatives energy in the us right now.