Molly Malaney, Jason Mesnick Photo
A photo of Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney kissing big time on The Bachelor. If you believe the Bachelor spoilers out there, Melissa is going to win the final rose - but Molly will end up with him.

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Sounds like Jason needs Dr. Phil in his cannot bring baggage from one relationship into another...this fantasy with Molly and her big green eyes will not last! I cannot believe the hours I wasted on this show...Brad could not why did he think a TV show would change him..he was a player..not marriage material and Deanna was the one who started this crap by picking Jesse instead of Jason! Let us all wake up real life, who would accept a marriage proposal after a few weeks, and I would not let my boyfriend suck face with 24 other women!!!! I need a new hobby, because I will never waste my time on ABC again!!!! live and learn!!


I think Jason has difficulty committing to any woman and when it gets too close he coils. He may be in love with the feeling of being in love. If he was truly able to make a commitment he would work through the obstacles with Melissa instead of walking away. He will probably do the same with Molly...when the going gets tough........bail out. ABC's The Bachelor does not give anyone ample time to realistically get to know and truly love someone; they should call it "The Relationship" and see where it goes...the engagement ring ceremony is a farce and the shows success stats proves it.

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