Molly Malaney in a Wedding Dress
Molly Malaney prepares to walk down the aisle and become Mrs. Jason Mesnick. How romantic for her!

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A very beautiful wedding dress...the flower is also in match with the dress. I love it very much...but yeah, let's pray that your marriage last forever.
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Congrats.most importantly,let it is jus a ceremony.let ur marriage last.

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Jason Mesnick-Molly Malaney Wedding
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Molly Mesnick Biography

Molly Malaney, Jason Mesnick
Molly Malaney hails from Grand Rapids, Michigan. The 24-year-old cutie was competing for the love and affections of Jason Mesnick on The... More »
Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Molly Mesnick

Molly Mesnick Quotes

People are so quick to judge. We are real people who have jobs and families.

Molly Malaney

I don't regret how everything came to be because we have a stronger appreciation for each other having gone through everything.

Molly Malaney [on Jason Mesnick]