Molly Malaney and Jason Mesnick on a Date
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Molly Malaney and Jason Mesnick go out on a date in L.A. in March 2009. How cute.

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She must be desperate to stay with him.


jason is a big time jerk and molly is a big time idiot. she was second best and is ok with that....hahha what a joke she is. they deserve each other....both stupid idiots. hhahaha melissa be glad you got someone way better then the liar jason boo hoo jason go cry some more. best to melissa and ty.


I think Molly and Jason are awesome and I hope they work out.. Melissa went into this knowing that anything could happen and I really feel as if the show itself had alot to do with what happened.. And they all know about this crap going into it.. Melissa and Molly both were my favorites but I also thought Molly was best for Jason.. Melissa seems to be doing great with her life and boy can she dance.. I wish them all the best and Good luck Molly and Jason.. Because after the fame goes down you both need to realize that relationships are very hard work.. I wish you both nothing but the best..And little Tye!!


I think Jason made the right choice, Molly is more mature than Melissa, and I think she will be a better step-mother to Ty. I was rooting for Molly right from the start. Good luck to Jason and Molly hope you live happily ever after.


I'm very proud of the descion jason made. true love is more important den peoples opinon. I am an example off a bad choice i understands true Love. it is wrong to be in a relationship with someone u just care about and not in love with. I will advice everyone to please follow their heart. I belive in keeping it real


They're both idiots; they deserve each other! Wonder how long it'll last???


I had a feeling Jason would change his mind. Molly just has a maturity and intelligence about her that Melissa lacked. I think if they can get past the media ridiculousness and realize that real relationships are a TON of work-they will be very happy together.


ok eliot u will not tell people to get a grip k? cause there are just back-stabers


Best wishes for jason and molly. I was rooting for molly all the way; it was very unconventional how it happened but I'm glad it did. People need to get a grip and calm down! For the public to think that to find love on tv that-- everything is going to happen just perfectly, your living in a fantasy world. This stuff happens everyday. You just dont see on tv folks. I feel bad for melissa, but she's an adult. Good luck jason and molly--your biggest fan!