Mister and Mrs. Pratt
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Heidi and Spencer Pratt royally suck ... le the teat of celebrity gossip for all it's worth. And for that, who can blame them.

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That's My Girl

Spencer Pratt brags about Heidi Montag's nude Playboy cover for the 123rd time. We get it, already. Your wife has a lot of plastic surgery she does not need and takes it all off for magazines. We know.

Makin' Bank!!

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt may be totally annoying fame whores, but the joke is still on us for playing along. Not that we're complaining, we do love to hate them.

Just Nauseating

These two are really unique in how nauseatingly disgusting they are to watch. But what do you expect in the end?

Grabbing Some Heidi

Heidi Montag is gripped good by Spencer Pratt. Just how he likes it, never letting her leave his hands, and sights.

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Oh man, I'd suck her toes and then her titties all damn day and night.