Miranda Kerr Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Photo
Miranda Kerr in an image from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012.

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Prof. Kerr:I had been out of school for a nuebmr of years before heading back to law school, so I decided to take Law Preview (which is a company founded and run by current and former associates at Clifford Chance) to try and get a taste of what law school classes might be like.although the program supplied helpful tips on how to organize and prepare for classes and exams, and also reduced some of the fear of the unknown, I think entering law students might gain some of the same experiences by simply auditing a few classes at their local law school and chatting with students after class. As for benefits on exams, I think I probably would have achieved the same grades whether I had taken law preview or not. As mentioned above, local knowledge of the school you will be attending and its professors is far more valuable than a generic preview class. As an aside, If law professors are talking about the pros/cons of prep courses, it is also worth talking about how the law school pedagogy helps to create and sustain these cottage industries. Things like forced curves and grades based on a single examination exist for understandable (if not good) reasons, but they help create the anxiety(aggravated by various myths and realities of the law job market) that supplies the foundation that Law Preview and others are built on.

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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
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Miranda Kerr is a very good looking model. And she's used those looks - along with some personality, we imagine - to go on a few dates... More »
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