Miranda Cosgrove Fashion
Miranda Cosgrove looks gorgeous at the MTV Movie Awards. The Disney star is a bona fide cutie.

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Miranda first thing the shoes cannot fit u so y ware it although u look good I am not telling any lie I love selena u and justin I hate hannah oh my lord.I heard that she hate black people do u of u reply and say u hate black people dont think I'll like u again because I'm a little bit black and a little bit brown so vote
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yes or no or maybe so


Miranda is a seriously talented actress and singer. Give Nicklelodeon some credit for signing her! Disney signed that Miley Cyrus bozo!


WRONG! Miranda Cosgrove is a Nick star, I never seen her on Disney? You guys are dumb!!!!!!! It's NICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For crying out loud!


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Juan Rico / Fame Pictures
2009 MTV Movie Awards
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Miranda Cosgrove Biography

Miranda Cosgrove Fashion
Miranda Cosgrove stars on the Nickelodeon show iCarly. She's also a popular young singer, drawing obvious comparisons to Miley Cyrus.... More »
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Miranda Cosgrove