Miley in Black
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At a concert in Portugal in May 2010, Miley Cyrus broke out this black, tight outfit. What do you think of the singer in it?

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Not At Her Best

Miley Cyrus looks a bit worn out in this photo. It's courtesy of a concert she put on for fans on Portugal.

Poor Fashion Choice

We can't hold back this opinion any longer: Miley Cyrus made the wrong fashion decision when she donned this weird, bathing suit-like outfit.

Cyrus in Concert

Miley Cyrus thrilled fans in Lisbon, Portugal with a May 2010 concert. Fans in attendance said she was overly flirty with everyone on stage.

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I think she looks really nice in this picture. Some people complain when she shows any amount of skin, like she should be performing in a parka or something, but actually, I think she should be wearing much less! You can tell she has a cute set of boobs, and I don't see any reason she shouldn't be showing them off to their best advantage. This actually goes for all you pretty, young girls with nice perky tits, don't be ashamed of having a beautiful body, and showing it off for all the world to see! Taking advantage of your assets is what smart people do to get ahead. If you're fat, you can be a burger tester, if you're smart, there are even more opportunies open to you, but if you're beautiful and smart, the world is your oyster! Let the world see what you've got!!!


this pic isn't her best but she's had better but anyway she gets to wear what she wants n do what she wants b cause apparently her parents don't care. cause if they did do you really think she'd be on stage with a bra/shirt on stage. and i also think she's copying demi lovato with the whole black thing.


she's hot , awesome and sexy . dont be jealous about her guys hahaha you look like such losers . believe me .


she is slot and garbege to me we didnt see every thing yet this is nothing for her , i thing she will be porn .


As long as she doesn't wear somethg too outrageous, it shd be okay....Hopefully she continues to come out with great songs like the climb, party in the usa... fine by me...


It doesn't matter what she wears, you can still her hideous face which is the real crime.