Miley Cyrus VMA Twerk
This may have been a Twerk too far. Miley Cyrus is thrusting her rear end into Robin Thicke's crotch.

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disgusting as I expected......strippers have been doing that since I was old enough to go in the 70s.....she will be spreading for Playboy before to long.......a true role model


just how thick is it? perhaps she might ask or try to find out. shocking to you, is it not? well aren't we being a little hipo today? this girl is an artist, good, bad or otherwise, and she gets much input and instruction from others on her team, and she may or may not even know what she is really all about other than performing what she and others have put together. it is all about fame and fortune. but the truth is, art, good, bad or otherwise, reflects life. and the truth is that our environment is smothered with sex and this kind of goings on. actors have been doing the do on screen for a very long time (some actors may have actually had sex while being filmed for a sex scene, though we would never know for sure, and some actors will do anything to keep it real - of course porno has been real and explicit for a long time now). there are other performers who have done the very same kind of thing on public stage and video, with much approval. so why is this girl getting the shock and hands down treatment or amazement from so many people. how many men have grabbed their crotches on stage or rubbed their little does against womens' ooes? get out yourselves people, and judge your kids and if you do not want them to behave a certain way, then teach, train them in the way they should go, and punish them when they do wrong, against your rules of behavior. I am not at all shocked at millie mouse's performance, but I do not approve of it or that of so many. All popular society is full of it, and not about descent or moral behavior - never was, never will be.


She looks like a tramp that should be in low class porn.

@ V

like the dog she is......


she is trying to be something that she never will be and that, bad, and a grown up......she copy's cat's everything that she does...and tries to make it her own....she needed parents to guide her...but they were to busy messing around and not raising their kids....the right way...with morals and principals.....she is no role model and never will be...we all would be better off is she just never showed up in public ever again...nasty...nasty....nasty


It didn't take long for me to turn this off - sad, really sad!!! Perhaps she can't afford to hire any advisers (it seems her parents have given up)...


The problem with this way of thinking (repulsive as it is) she continues to make money. Kids are attracted to her from the show she did when she was younger and now that she is grown kids are still following her bad example. The youth of today is almost a total loss because of people like that.

@ gary

to bad!!! parent should be raising there own dam kids stop looking for scapegoats miley cyrus did not give birth to any childrn therefore shes not responsible for any

@ mike

hey mike, there are two o's in the word, "too". also, just because someone hasn't given birth doesn't mean they shouldn't be considerate of their effect on the children in our society. unfortunately, even if miley cyrus stopped acting like a skank, there'd be plenty of other skanks ready to step up and take her place. unfortunately, in the grand scheme of things, it'd be like taking a cup of water out of the ocean at this point.


Decency it seems, flew out of the window the day parents stopped teaching it to their children.

@ Sylv

So why bully her about it


I can't think of anything to say to this............


In all her videos Miley likes to try to shake her butt. One problem: Miley has a crack in the back where her butt should be. Quit wiggling what you don't have. Kinda gross! And put your fat tongue back in your mouth. You don't look sexy, you just look like a cow.


In my thoughts- WHERE HAS DECENCY GONE!!! I rate this performance a minus 5 on a scale of 1 - 5!!! It made me turn off the TV.

@ Woodstock

lol I'm glad you pointed that out instead of saying she's a slut and is a bad influence on kids and all that

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