Miley Cyrus, Underwear
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A lot is being made out of this Miley Cyrus photo because she's pretty much just in underwear. Do you think it's a big deal? Write in. Let us know!

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This little fuck toy made me come so hard thinking about pounding that tight pussy and suckint ob those gorgeous mini tits. Thank you Miley.


please miley :( go back


Can I see your ass
And tits baby


Dam, this photo is sexy. Nice nipples. I just want to grab them and suck on them.


I luv miley poor gurl!! :( why did she end up like this/... damn shes in a living hell!!!!


@ puggy : she couldnt have been that young.she had boobs, may not be big but still. she had to be atleast 14 or 15 in this. come on poeple.. GET OVER It PEOPLE SHES GROWING UP... INTO A WALKING STD


i love her show. she is sooo pretty but she knows it, and that kinda sucks because she went from a pretty role-model to a skanky role model (come on poeple, 7 year olds idolize her!) i think she turned into a whore to be honest, i wish i could tell her to her face. FYI GUYS - get her well you can - before she f**ks every guy in hollywood AND SOME!


do you people prealize that this pic of Miley was when she was little? she doesn't have smalll boobs now. and i think she is doing great. i wish people would leave her alone.


wow she as nice boobs as if u wouldnt want 2 bang her


miley please if you can call me at this number 724-953-6188


miley i feel really bad for you i hope you r ok and i do not think you r a slutt some of my friends do but i do not i just think some times people do stupid things. and you r still my rule model. and i love your video i can't be tamed by