Miley Cyrus Nude?
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In this advertisement for Entertainment Tonight, Miley Cyrus appears naked, doesn't she? The celebrity gossip show may just be desperate for ratings, but it's teasing Miley's Vanity Fair photo shoot as being her most racy set of pics yet.

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Just what the world needs, another 15 year old ho. Nice work Miley. And Billy Ray, you friggin dork, way to protect your daughter. No wonder so many teenage girls are depressed and lost. God help any girls in this society that don't have really good parents to protect them. I give this girl three years max before a sex tape comes out -- Paris Hilton all over again. Absolutely sickening. And then you'll see Billy Ray whining to some reporter on Dateline, wondering where it all went wrong. It's all so predictable.


she is not nude in that picture! the people are saying that miley is this and that but..why? this isnt a nude picture! the only thing u can se is her back! such a big thing! i love her a support her to death!


i cannot believe this!! miley cyrus/ hannah montannah is definaltey my role model ANYMORE!


what the hell people. Its an artistic photo. Not pornographic.
It just shows the beauty of the human body.
and whats wrong with that?


South Park totally called it. Miley Cyrus is just another manufactured piece of crap with no appreciation for what she's got.


All I can say as a mom; shame on Vanity Fair! Why would they think a 15 year old should be looked at this way. Wow, and we all keep wondering what is happening to our children.


its is real nd m8 it was b8 dat she's a whore. i mean jus luk @ her. if she does this 4 money then she must b a pros.LMAO. miley cyrus stop bein so uptight nd buy sum clothes. we knw u gt dosh 2 spend.


I don't belive this it is not real n if it is so wat maybe it payed a lot of money leave herr alone don't be jelicious K well g2g sy (see ya)