Miley Cyrus Nude Pic
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Sure, Miley Cyrus is covered by a sheet in this photo. But she's still naked under there and, oh yeah, she's still 15 years old. Not in very good taste, Vanity Fair.

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'shes covered by a sheet, but shes naked under there'?? arent we all covered by our clothes, but naked under there..?! i cant see how this photo can be seen to be in bad taste. shes not naked!


shes not nude but if you look at her hair and the way she looks it makes her look like she was drinking and got drunk


Miley... i love your movies and all the stuff you have... but one thing i don't is this one... so please stop it okey? but you still got my vote...


you people who are throwing a fit are retatred it is a pic...


fonck you


miley,miley,miley i an not belive tht you would do hat i bet your dad does not know about this shame on you ouarejust oing to be like venessa hugens you are so interjetic girl i can't trust you all thoe your songs are great i am takeing over hannah montanh you lose sucker


sara how old are you


miley dont listen to them we love you we dont want to see you get hurt any more


She was wering a covor around her they need to get over it and let her get some rest.


miley is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!