Miley Cyrus, New Look
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Are you a fan of this look on Miley Cyrus? Sound off now on the punk outfit and short haircut!

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New Look for Miley Cyrus

Rock on, yo! Miley Cyrus posted this photo to Twitter not long after chopping off a lot of her hair.

Miley Cyrus at Home

Miley Cyrus might wanna clean her house up a bit. It's looking a tad dirty in this Twitter photo.

Miley and Her Dog

Miley Cyrus Tweeted this photo to her millions of followers. She likes to take them into her home.

Miley Cyrus Hair Photo

It's another Miley Cyrus Twitter photo. The star has taken to that social network to show off her new, very short hairstyle.

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i think it looks cool...she's young...she can do it! let her enjoy her youth! The mess in the background..what the heck ....its a photo's her being artistic! She's a rock star! =)


She looks like the crack heads from East Oakland.. Shes clearly posing to be something she isnt.. The mess looks super staged just for the picture.. I used to love her but now I have no clue who she is as an artist..


Love the hair cut but not the grunge/punk look on her. Perhaps something more vintage, classic, or romantic look would do for her.


The haircut is fine, besides hair grows. I think the color needs to be toned down a lot. Red kinda really doesn't go with Blonde hair anyways. Her place may be a mess, looks like its an mess after a party. come on people give her a break.


Totally HOT


her house is disgusting


She has the wrong fan base for this style....obviously, she's not going to get compliments


You look amazing! I love your new look.