Miley Cyrus Halloween Outfit
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Miley Cyrus is dressed up here for Halloween. She's showing a bit of cleavage.

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I'm not one who usually defends Miley Cyrus, but she looks amazing, it's a push-up top, she is nowhere NEAR fat. LOVE the pic she tweeted!


She looks AMAZING! The nerve of some people..


I see absolutley NO fat on that girl whatsoever. She looks good and she is sending the right message for once. Aly and A.J obviouslt have more to be worried about than Miley. They musy be deperate for attention since they are with her. They kinda dropped off the map. But i could always kinda tell that Aly would go off the rails as she got older


I think I would be more concerned about Alyson Michalka posing with a cigarette than Miley's weight (which by the way, she is NOT fat).


What the heck kind of person would call THAT fat! Whoever said Miley looks fat must really think highly of themselves! You really have to pity the person that would say such nasty things to only hurt others. It really does take a sick individual!!!


She's not fat - that costume has a push up top. Grow up people.


ur pretty


Miley looks amazing she can show off her body she's 18 now ,leave her alone!!