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This is Mildred Baena. Or Patty Baena. Whatever she wants to be called, great. She's Arnold Schwarzenegger's mistress!

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That's a nice rack!


Well, I gotta say, she is prettier than Maria. The son is very handsome. Maybe Arnold was tired of the bag of bones scarecrow wife. We've always known he was a player, Maria did too. Being a Kennedy, nothing in life should surprise her, at least he didn't run Patty's car off into a creek and drown her, that's how Kennedy's deal with their problems. I wish everyone the best of luck and Maria, I guess you should have paid attention, you stood up for him once "I know my husband" you?


So you thought it couldn't get any worse with Schwarzenegger? Lets take a vote: Sex with their domestic, or committing INDECENT EXPOSURE while on stage putting on a weightlifting expo for hundreds of incarcerated women, with Manson murderer Susan Atkins in a leopard leotard acting as his on-stage assistant.
I know, I was there. I remember thinking "What a way for a Kennedy family member to act." I think they put the wrong person in prison.
-Cheri Woods
Author, Death Row Madam

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