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This is Mildred Baena, the woman who gave birth to Arnold Schwarzenegger's illegitimate child. Amazing.

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Your wife is beautiful, intelligent, talented and you were bonking the...37yr old divorced immigrant maid who had already had a few kids... in Maria’s bed? Both Maria and Mildred had their kids only 5 days apart.No comment about the bad plastic surgery, it's hard to improve upon someone this plain.


All of these comments from the public make me want to puke, more so than the shameful actions of what is posted. WHO CARES IF SHE IS HOT OR NOT?! AND if you want to cast the first stone sweetheart, come forward because YOU ARE HOLY!

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Yikes! Is it me or does she resemble Shrek? Shame on you Arnold and Mildred.


illlllllllll bad plastic surgery


Really Arnold???? What were you thinking, your wife is beautiful and this woman....that poor child. What he will go through now.

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Mildred Patricia Baena is the mistress and mother of Arnold Schwarzenegger's out-of-wedlock child. She worked as an assistant in his... More »
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