Milana Dravnel, Oscar De La Hoya
Milana Dravnel and Oscar De La Hoya supposedly dressed up in women's clothes. That's weird. For him at least. In this photo he looks more normal however.

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@Aubrina: I guess Milana was telling the TRUTH after all!


Hi! I'm kim frm Philippines......!
I'm a Filipina,I saw ur fight w/ Pacquiao..... Ur also good,eventhough u lost the game....


I met Milana. There is nothing impressive about her. It is sad that she intentionally did this knowing this man has a family. This is the actions of a girl who wants her fifteen minutes of fame. I hope she realizes that she has tarnished herself and is about to face a difficult path.


what a homo.


I really doubt if this is for real or photoshopped...

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