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This is an unusual look for Michael Phelps. He's actually donning a shirt!

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Ordered a Skinz Bikini Swimsuit. You may or may not like me. I love sports. I just need someone to enjoy them with. I think so much of you. You have transformed my life and brought my health to the way it was in the early 80s. No longer do I feel sick but feel like having fun. The US Open Tennis, Diving in Greensboro and then Disney with helping the Special Olympians in South Korea. I could use a younger bro except you are not little. I couldn't believe it was you running past my parent's house. Hot jam shorts, hood over your head. If it was you Michael, you are definitely something to be hold. I'm ready for you to teach me all about swimming and the different Olympic sports. You can root for the Ravens but I'll root for the Packers. Growing a semi beard here. May shave the rest of my head after meeting you. If this is the wrong guy, I hope he shows up and best of luck in the rest of these Olympic games.

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Michael Phelps is the most decorated athlete in Olympic history. He won eight gold medals - eight! - at the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing,... More »
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