Michael, Paris and Prince Jackson
Michael, Paris and Prince Michael Jackson in a photo from when the kids, now 12 and 11, were little. What a cute moment.

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what a wonderful father he truley was, I just love seeing him
with his children more than seeing him in pictures alone. And at times with people who really did'nt care for him. But his children
as well as his mother had and still do have the greatest love for him. This will never change he truley loved his children and it showed no mater what any one else thinks when it is all said and done at the end of the day Michael and the children only had each other. With the greatest love and respect to the children as well as Ms. Jackson and family


That picture is adorable! I think Paris looks like Debbie here. Michael was such a good father!


very very cute photo, this just shows me how protective and loving Michael was, and he definitely loves his children very, very, much no matter what the stupid lifeless media thinks!!!

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