Michael Jackson, Debbie Rowe and Prince
An old school photo of Michael Jackson, Debbie Rowe and their son (supposedly) Prince Michael. They do look happy in this photo.

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I remember watching Michael sing Dirty Diana and thinking to myself he could get any woman he wanted he is so drop dead gorgeous, strangely it wasn't about any woman it was about his soul mate, I wish he had of found her in this lifetime, I'am sure his life would have been different. I wish it was me. Amazing that he never ever married in the USA and he also married two WHITE WESTERN WOMAN, obviously some where in his soul urge he was meant to meet his soul mate who I guess would have been a white woman, and had he of had the chance I doubt she would have been American since he chose to marry outside that country. I dont think he liked America, he seemed to spend more time outside of it.


she is a ***** for selling her kids and i am sure she is trying to sell them again people like her such not have kids ,i am sure Michael was sorry for her. but thanks Debbie for selling them. :-0


i ahte that bastard whats her name or debbie rowe what was michael thinking she is old and uh

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