Michael Jackson Autopsy Photo
This photo was taken the day Michael Jackson died, but the coroner who performed the autopsy. It was displayed at Dr. Conrad Murray's trial.

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I'd rather not remember him like this but as he was, full of life, singing and entertaining. This picture would be very upsetting for the family. Hope Murray pays for what he has done. RIP Michael xx


Just leave him alone, that's mean what putting his pictures of him.On the Internet, I hope GOD forgives these peeople and that Dr. Murray that is a fake of a doctor needs to be send to prison for life! Noone deserves that. Micheal is dead leave him in peace and his kids must feel so bad, and his mother what she going threw. That's so sad. This world is getting bad not better.


This picture looks fake to me, Michael wasn't that thin, he had a bit of muscle on him. Also there is no belly button, which makes me believe this is a fake.


Yeah, I can't lie. Why even post these? I know it's breaking news but wow... This upsets me.


I think this is horrible!! Why post these pictures of him! These are private and I think its offensive. Let us all remember him the way he was.... amazing and great!!!

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