Michael Jackson Autopsy Photo
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This photo was taken the day Michael Jackson died, but the coroner who performed the autopsy. It was displayed at Dr. Conrad Murray's trial.

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wtf o.o!!! what mean 2011(may be its 2010) anyway it should be 2009 isn't it


where the fuck... is his belly button?


RIP MICHAEL! I hope your happy and all the pain and sadness you felt has been taken away.


Michael was in Conrad's care therefore he's responsible for his death. He administered a medication that he obviously knows nothing about. When the anesthesiologist put you under there's monitoring equipment, oxygen for you to breathe while under. That fool had NONE of that. He If he didn't know he was suppose to have that, what makes you think he knew how much to administer? Really to believe he administered it himself is ludicrous. I mean wasn't that why he was paying Conrad all that money? To medicate him? If he was going to do it himself he wouldn't have needed Murray there. Have some common sense people

@ tanya

There is a question as to whether Murray was a medical doctor of any type. His name was actually Robert Carter before he changed it, and as Robert Carter, he was an actor. Interesting?


Stars lives are always on front page and is always news because people like you guys are so nosey and they want to be in stars business. You people are the reason stars lives are splashed everywhere. It just boggles the mind though that once they pass away, the media is still posting them front and center. I just hate he couldn't get in death what he so deserved in life, love, respect, and privacy. People tore him down and ridiculed him when he was alive and they're still doing it in death. So sad


I LOVE MICHAEL!!! The posting of this pic is upsetting. I'm sure it's Michael, people would do anything for a dollar, even a coroner. Yeah please believe he was paid for this pic. And Michael was that thin but he wasn't sick, he was just dancing and singing the night before. He may have been doing certain drugs, but money talks. Murray needed money and saw Michael as an opportunity. Any self respecting doctor would not have even taken that position. Doctors are suppose to save lives not take lives. Michael obviously didn't know any better, if he did he would have gotten an anesthesiologist instead. They're job is to put people to sleep and wake them up. That's not something a cardiologist will typically do.


M.J i missing u a lot u take another human body with same look same dance type same voice .u born anywhere in the world we came to meet u.beacause we missed a lot come another time time to pop the world with u r voice and dance ...........I MISS U A LOT!!!!!!!! PLEASE CAME 4 U R FANS ...............................


Get over it if you think he had a right to privacy after his death. He wanted to be in the spotlight. He was a star. If you didn't expect these photos to get leaked, then you dont really have a clue about how society is these days.


Even though we all love Michael we don't know if Conrad actually killed him or not! Like he said Mike was an addict and anyone who knows an addict knows they will do anything to get that high that they want! Anyone who pays that much money to keep a doctor around has serious addictions and should have been addressed maybe we would be seeing him in his next video but since everyone fed his addiction these pics are have been taken and are out like all the other star addicts that passed on from overdose!