Michael Buble Naked
A sexy picture of Michael Buble naked, allegedly taken by the phone of mistress Tiffany Bromley. Yes, supposedly he has been cheating and foolin' around on Emily Blunt. Michael Buble, you are nuts. And nude.

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oh my gosh you guys that photo is probably old! from when they were dating.. it doesnt even look like him and if it is, then it looks like a very old photo of him... Mary and Ab, you's rock.. everyone who beleives Tiffany, you suck


I have looked at this picture several times since the news broke. I have been a fan of this young man for almost 4yrs. If I had to make a bet, I would not bet on that being buble. He is not that fat and has not been.... and There is something about the face that is not quite right. Even if it is, he is sleeping, not having any kind of indecent sex. whats the matter with people. Leave these people alone. I appreciate his talent on the stage. Not in someones bed. Let it go

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Michael Buble, Emily Blunt
Michael Buble is an award-winning Canadian crooner, big band singer and also actor. He is dating Emily Blunt, and possibly banging... More »
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