Melissa Rycroft Smiles
Melissa Rycroft shows off her big smile in an earlier episode of The Bachelor. Will she become the next Mrs. Jason Mesnick?

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- Sorry to hear that you're going through a stufsserl time. I hope everything's ok now. I've been following your blog for a while and thought I'd leave a comment. I just love these images, especially the shot of them walking away from the camera, holding hands. The light is just gorgeous.April 16, 2010 4:13 pm


hey jason i just want you to know that melissa deserves someone better than you and she deserves a man that can treat her like a real woman and not dump her on tv i dont care if you sighned contreact you could have told her


hey jason i hope you read this because you know how you say you want to find true love and i hope it doesnt last with you and molly well if it doesnt i have a teacher and his name is mr.ratliff and he said said he loves your smile and if things dont work out with you and molly give it a shot with him as you always say i want to give it a shot lol jk jk but i still dont like you and i just made up the name mr ratliff and so did kara her last name is ollistion but got to go lol


i really want you to get ran over be a huge monster pickup truck you only went on the show because you were tired of living with your mom and could'nt find a girl yourself and dang your nose is as big as big foot by the way your foot is prabally big too thats why they did'nt show it on the tv i really also want to say that i have a teacher names mr. ratliff and he loves you smile you guys ahould meet!!!!!!!!!!!!


jason is a horrible person and he doesnt deserve melissa she is way nicer than you and way better looking i cant belive she woulod ever even want to go out with you because you should have got a nose job before you went on any show you look hideous with that giant nose and takes up the whole tv screen and i hate it when you dont know what to say to a girl you just kiss them


this is a handsome man he should have never chose melissa, he should have gone with molly she had a good connection with his son. remember this when a child is involve with a parent, win the child over and you will have the parent heart dont try the parent first because it is going to hurt in the long run.

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