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Melissa Rycroft is a contestant on The Bachelor. Will Melissa Rycroft be Melissa Mesnick some day soon?

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Wow i was shocked what jason did to melissa, wow is a pretty girl not his type? wow he picks a super ugly girl,he is an idiot!!!!! but what people say..."what goes around comes around" i wish melissa all the best because she deserves it, me as a melissa and a cheerleader also


I watched Melissa Rycroft become a DCC on CMT a couple of years ago and, in my opinion, is as hot as they come, and I always thought that she was one of the prettiest of all the DCC. Plus, as a sales rep in the tough market of Dallas, she has to have the rest of her act together as well. Jason is an idiot. I wish I was much younger.


This is beyond thinking !!! How in the world can somebody do something so cruel on National Television!?!?!? He needs to be dumped by Molly; If he is NOT sure about his feelings, what makes Molly believe he will be with her??? This was the most ridiculous Bachelor ever !


Could Jason be any more of an idiot for breaking it off with Melissa? Seriously!!


Melissa and jason make a great couple, there made for eachother

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Melissa Rycroft Picture
This is Melissa Rycroft. She used to be a cheerleader with the Dallas Cowboys, and hails from that fine state of Texas. But much as we... More »
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