Melissa Rycroft of The Bachelor
Melissa Rycroft stars on ABC's The Bachelor. She's many people's pick to win. But we'd be surprised based on that fact alone.

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I love Melissa! She is so adorable. Not that i would date her. Melissa Jason is dumb! If i was him i would pick you. You are a kind and careing person. Ty, you can tell liked you better than Molly. Melissa I really want to meet you!!!!! Good luck on Dancing With the Stars hope you when! I'm rooting for you.


i think she is way prettier than the other girl. jason needs to get his eyes checked b cuz this girl is way prettier i think molly is pretty to but not as pretty as melissa. jason is the most retarted person that has walked the face of earth. omg i hate him so much


Jason is the biggest piece of crap walking on the face of the Earth. I think it is sad that Deanna didn't do more damage. Someday his son will see what a real jerk his father turned out to be.


team MeLiSsA!!! us TEXAS girls need to stick together. come back down here to where the real men are. jason is an idiot for what he did, poor Ty. jason is dragging him through all of this, and for what? just to let him down yet again. and how could he sit there and say that Ty didnt know the differnce between mel, molly or any of the producing staff. considering mel spent holidays and other times with him, of coarse he knows the difference. hes almost four, kids are very intellegent, despite what people think of them. good luck melissa.


Mel - I thought you handled yourself beautifully when Jason "gave up" as you put it - it really is a shame that he didn't accept Deanna's plea - they are both about the same mentality - very wishy washy about what they want - it was obvious by the interaction with Ty that he felt closer to you than he did to Molly. Like so many others I had fallen in love with Jason - he just seemed so wholesome, but as usual I was wrong about him - he needs to grow up and concentrate on being a dad - I don't think he really knows how to be a husband or even a fiance for that matter. You keep on being beautiful Mel and the man that deserves you will come along in time - you are young so don't get in a hurry. Molly - are you serious???? you are willing to accept second choice??? where is your self respect?


there should be no name calling about these three woman we can say who jason should love are not to love jason know deep in his heart wish woman is the best for him and his little boy molly seems realie sweet and jill,seem sweet to and milissa is greet to and i love deanna to they all have alot of greet gifts about them i think molly will win jason heart for know but we can say time will tell


hey jason mesnick i hope you pick the right one for you should to be happy with the one you but know who you will pick it melissa rycroft she is the one need in your life she will make you happy i think you don't need to be heart so pick melissa she is the best one for you bye. i will be watch the show march 2 do not pick deanna pappas she is no good for you she will live you like she did that man she pick lest season so don't pick she a hor ok

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