Mel Gibson mug shot
Good ol' Mel, right after he blamed all the world's problems on Jews and asked Sugar Tits what she's lookin' at.

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This girl is out for the money!!! Period. Mel no doubt is
perplexed but I guess it's his time in the can. Raise hell
with Woody Allen-talk about a real creep! He's done worse than
all of the Hollywood no-nos. Everyone loves Alec Baldwin now. Look at what he did; it just made him more popular.
I can't understand why people think Woody Allen is so great.
It's because these young kids don't know what he did. Look it up kids-he should have gone to jail.

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Mel Gibson Biography

Mel Gibson mug shot
Mel Gibson used to be known only for acting and directing. Now, you can add hating Jews to that list. Despite massive success as an actor... More »
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