Mel Gibson at the Golden Globes
Yes, Mel Gibson was invited to the 2013 Golden Globes. He poses here on the red carpet.

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I am usually a good judge of character. I have have been a vicim of bigotry and ignorance. I don't think Mel Gibson is the monster Hollywood has tried to portray. Why Not? He has worked in the business for decades and was respected until he decided to make a Biblical movie. That's when the nasty stuff hit the fan. He's not the first to make a movie about Jesus and won't be the last. No one talked about how he was threatened for making that film. He also never received an apology since the film had nothing anti Semitic about it.
In his time of need he beaten down and made into a monster, clown, wife beater etc. However, nothing bad was ever said about him before that movie was made. Funny!
I personally think he is a wonderful director and should be allowed to work. Roman Polinski is a child molester and everyone flocks to see his films and says nothing scathing about him. Mel Gibson was drunk, said dumb things and had a gold digger making him into a laughing sock. Provoking him on the phone to go nuts...and he's the bad the guy. Let the man work. Hollywood needs him.

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I Love Mel Gibson!! He's a Great Actor and has made us All laugh many times!! I don't believe anything Bad I read about him!!
Leave him alone!!!Please


I love Mel. No Inglês. Mel é um homem bom, verdadeiro, charmoso, lindo por fora e por dentro. Detesto quem o ataca, derespeita, pois Mel não merece. Sei que tem problemas mas é himilde e corajoso, porque luta para vencer suas dificuldades individuais. E quem não tem problemas? O que interessa é o interior, o coração. Poucos possuem a bondade e a grandiosidade humana de Mel.

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2013 Golden Globe Awards
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