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Miley Cyrus performed "Party in the USA" during the 2009 Teen Choice Awards. She wasn't afraid to get her sexy look on during it.

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Total Phony

What a phony. At the Teen Choice Awards, Miley Cyrus pretends to be all innocent by standing atop an ice cream truck... while also working its pole like a stripper.

Partying in the USA

This is a shot of Miley Cyrus from the 2009 Teen Choice Awards. At the event, she danced like a stripper to the song "Party in the USA."

Stripper Impression

This is totally appropriate for a teenager, right? Miley Cyrus dances like a stripper during the 2009 Teen Choice Awards.

Young Pole Dancer

During her performance at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards, Miley Cyrus danced on a pole. How appropriate for a 16-year old.

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Party in the USA Performance
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ahh another young and upcoming whore brought to us by that wonderful family institution known as Disney


hi holly wood i love and demi lovato and selena gomez miley cyrus can i sex you in your batrme pless thank


Shorts * .. Incase Diana comes back to read this .


Shes got nice young legs . Shes wearing short .. Who doesnt where short ??? Shes dancing .. Ok who doesnt dance a bit dirty at times .. shes 17 years old .. its absolutely NORMAL for her to be this way .. try being that age ( trying to become a young women ) in the spotlight and geeting to know what you like and who your are .. its already hard being that age and leaving a normal life ... people like to talk trash about other people but im sure some of you are friends with ppls like that or ARE like that . Shes a very pretty girl .. and SHE IS ON STAGE .. she has to be sexy and all .. Stop talking if you have no good arguments or nothing at all to say .. If you dont like her .. dont go see her pictures .. Isnt that simple .. Its not as if we see her boobs hanging .. or her Vig.. come on ppl .


While I agree that Miley should start re-considering the way she dresses, I must say that that's a pretty hot picture of Miley.


Okay, this picture did NOT come from a photo shoot, it came from a recent TV performance. Teen Choice Awards. Worse! Then her choreographer should be ashamed! As I said, her mother should be present.


Goodness, did it again! This photo must've really gotten me upset! "Provocative!"


Typographical error: provacative, not provative...sorry.


I'm very disappointed with the photo on this page. The one of Miley wearing black shorts and faux fur vest. I'm starting to get Miley a "rock" star or a "porn" star? Whoever prompted Miley to pose with her legs spread apart should be hugely ashamed of themselves. As for Miley, she needs her mother present at all her photo shoots since Miley apparently doesn't have the good sense to refuse provative and inappropriate pose suggestions. But I've heard recently that Miley is trying to "sex up" her image. In that case, Miley is doing a bang up job! Distasteful, in my opinion.


You people have got to be the most ignorant spellers on the planet! Yes, Miley is a slut and a cumbucket. Wouldn't let my dog fuck her.